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Dave ArlingtonA math degree from an Ivy League college is not the usual preparation for a radio career. But somehow the numbers added up for Dave. He was a prominent voice on the air from ’71 to ’17 – much of the time in his hometown of Washington, DC.

Dave hosted music formats from Oldies and Adult Contemporary to Top 40 and Freeform – including eight years in DJ and programming positions at Baltimore’s WCBM … six years as morning host at W-Lite in Washington … and two stints at DC’s WASH-FM (full-time in the mid-80s, then part-time for 12 years during a “retirement” that began in 2005).

On the journalism side, Dave spent part of the 90s as a news anchor at Washington’s WTOP – then served as program host and producer at the Voice of America. He was privileged to speak to an international audience for 14 years at VOA, telling America’s story on such daily programs as Stateside and Coast to Coast, and preparing and voicing twice-hourly newscasts during the 2001 terrorist attacks.